Virgo Personal Horoscope For June 2010

Aries: In 2013, something like a monkey is off your back… something is over and you’re exultant. You have a lot to look forward to! The spirits ask, “Who are you now? Oh, different! Something’s been taken away, you say? Don’t you feel better now? Who cares what it was? Go on, move along: many adventures await the new you, the true-blue you, the real- deal, derring-do Aries 2013”.

Taurus: Some of your biggest challenges are in 2013, because you’re way closer to the lifestyle and personal triumphs you seek. Make room! Within yourself, you make room for new expression, you add new realities and new content to your life. Sometimes you’re playing in the mud… playing more period. The spirits say “We are here to warn you of heartbreak and full hearts, there’s no getting around all that love brings.”

Gemini: If you have been working on something in a systematic way, or part of a group project, this year you are now able to plumb its potential. There are more ideas and way more possibilities for the organized Gemini to collaborate and work on things in a bigger way. The key is to be productive, cooperative, and willing to think big.

Cancer: Your creative efforts can gain you more money this year. There’s an upgraded feeling to your life, with better health and better pay and more love. Somehow, work comes to some sort of climax, or you’re doing a more comprehensive version of your work. You can be offered positions or get into circumstances that bring rich and rewarding experiences. In some sense you graduate this year.

Leo: 2013 is a successful year, but because you’re involved with other people, there’s a need to wait for the procedures they must follow; eventually what you participate in gets in order. This is a year that you tend to think in the long-term, yet it’s more towards the end of the year that you’re able set things up for the future. You might marvel at how you got into the arena you find yourself. It seems like a jump from now, but it looks like your bound for greater success. The year starts with a bounce, but you bounce even higher! Take a break to recharge when you need it-your body and soul will tell you when.

Virgo: All is well, in fact better than that. You are cleaned off somehow. You are stronger and more essentially you. If you’ve had a tendency towards paranoia, it lessens. Like many signs, much feels brand-new this year. Things are different and rearranged. Whatever changes, you will still find a way to create the most perfect version possible of how you like to live. The spirits say, “We’re here to help you, to be with you in the passing from one age to another.” Like the Mayans’ 2013, this year starts a major new cycle in your life. sagittarius horoscope

Libra: 2013 is a happy year for Libra. They grow in ways that are truly meaningful and important to them. There’s more honesty, love and acceptance in their life, and they feel empowered. They get to go somewhere they really want to go! Life is both expansive and more connected. You can clearly establish strong support systems and benefits for long-term happiness.

Scorpio: There’s something you’re aware of that represents a new direction and it makes you very happy. It’s also very challenging to make that dream a reality. It may call for a change of plans. It requires a lot of strength and perhaps having to wait for more benign conditions… it takes strength to be you this year. Most important, you’re open to inspiration as you move towards fulfilling roles. Also, you can be helped by somebody to change location or make a way for your dreams to happen. Don’t assume, “I’ve got to conjure this up all by myself”. When the right direction or role comes along, you’ll get clear feedback about it from the Universe.

Sagittarius: The year begins with some stressors, but you’re working your way towards satisfaction, finding ways to get what you want. New thoughts come, seemingly out of thin air. It is your inventive self connecting with the energy of innovation running through so many currents in 2013. You can have a chance to move into unknown territory with your career; such a move has a satisfying and interesting vibration.

Capricorn: You seem quite arty and professional in 2013, and your aim is to establish yourself in a larger way. You have been willing to and are able to trudge, but you’re likely to soar this year. There’s a new stability and can be a visionary leader. You also see new vistas to conquer-the vision widens about your scope in life and scale in the world. Structure is your friend.