Keeping Your Car Clean Inside – 5 Hints

My car tends to become a mess inside. It is not dirty or filthy, just full of stuff. If you add that I’m usually the only one in it, it becomes such a mess that cleaning the front seat to let anyone else in is often a major chore. Here are 5 hints that help me and many others. Bilvask københavn

1) The car is not for storage. Sure, I carry many things in my vehicle, but in the spring I put away any winter things, for example winter clothing and gear, and in the late fall I put away warmer weather things like the fishing gear that often graces it.

2) Have a trash bag and regularly empty it. There is no reason to have empty coffee cups, soda cans and bottles, fast food containers, etc. rolling around in your car.

3) If you carry a lot of small type objects in your car, have a way to organize them. For example I endlessly listen to CDs and podcasts in my car, but really don’t have appropriate storage space built in. I keep them all in a plastic box on the passenger seat that keeps them in place, organized, and makes it easy to move them for a passenger.

4) Even if you rarely have a passenger in the car, like me, at least once a week clear the passenger seat and maybe backseats too. If you do it often it’s easy.

5) Cars do need occasional vacuuming and perhaps dusting and cleaning of the windows inside. Just do it and get it over with.

Sometimes I almost live in my car it seems. I like it fairly neat, clean, and orderly, although without following these tips my car usually reverts to messy anarchy