How to De Clutter an Office

In general people like to work with someone who is systematic and organized. Organizing an office work space allows you to save precious amount of time and energy, from going through the clutter to find the required information. This is not only in respect of the physical clutter but also in respect to the soft copies of the files which you have on your computer. Just imagine how pleasant life will be if you are able to get what you want in a moment, without any struggle and the very same applies in your office too. De-cluttering an office will be the best thing you would have done to yourself and your career. 오피

First take the layout of your office floor. Visualize the ideal space required to move around the office, and see if the same is available on the floor. Ensure that you have clear walk ways from your desk to the file cabinet, inside your team cubicle, your work area desk to the filing cabinets etc. Think always in terms of space when you are focusing on de-cluttering your office.

Is your desk large than what is required to work comfortably. Do you get a cramped feeling inside your office? Then your desk needs to be changed. Select a better and smaller size desk, and you can have space to move around. Check if you have proper furniture which can hold all your office essentials like your photocopiers, fax machines, telephones etc. You can get huge office space just by giving your office essentials their own separate space. In other words office is a place where you need to have everything and everything need to be kept only in their respective place. Does your desk have enough space to have your personal computer, if not shifting to a laptop or a flat screen monitor can get more space on your desk.

Most common mistake which everyone does is keeping their printer on the desktop. Investing in a printer stand with a multifunctional copier is a smart idea and it should be kept little away from your desk which will free more space. This will also get you relived from having print accessories like paper and cartridge which you would have kept around you. Next you need to check for your files and books. If you do not have adequate space for your books and files, you definitely need to invest in a book shelf. Ensure it is kept near our desk to make it easily available. Your work may be as such you need to keep moving near your filing cabinet often. It is a good idea to have the filing cabinet just behind your desk.

Observe your desk now; it is a place which can easily attract clutter. What are the essentials which you want to be kept on a desk? Organizing your papers is one of the key elements to create an un-cluttered desk top. Make sure that you label all your project folders, files which are kept on your desk. One more good idea is usage of stacking trays for your “in-box” and “outbox”. It is also one way to show your visitors that you have kept your office desktop neat and clean. Things get hidden inside the drawers of the desk as well. Shops have an assortment of plastic trays which can be customized to fit perfectly into your desk drawer and can hold your pens, pencils, clips, staplers etc. Once again check your desk floor to ensure files and other items are not kept their due to shortage of space you have on your desk.